Absent Landscapes

Little by little, almost involuntarily, the series “Imaginative Figuration” was transformed into “ABSENT LANDSCAPES”. The decomposition of color and shape is the most sensitive feature. I intended to carry out a totally voluntary disintegration of the form. It is about decomposing the idea of landscape to the most radical extreme, in order to achieve its total absence. In the very vision of the paintings, this disintegration of the landscape is evidenced, which inevitably leads us to a disintegration of reality. It is the reflection of the struggle between what is perceived as real and what is perceived as meaning. That struggle which is also a reflection of the individual’s own struggle, of what he wishes as an ideal (the felt) and of what he objectively observes and perceives (the real). In that terrible daily struggle and, as a poetic reflection in the entire series, the triumph is always carried by what is felt against the disenchantment of the real, of the perceived.